Department of Biomolecular Science

Associate Professor Soichiro Watanabe

Organic chemistry of biomolecules

We believe that organic chemistry can play an important role in biological science, and have been studying methods to detect or control biological molecules.

Caged compounds, biologically inert molecules which can release bioactive compounds upon photolysis, are very useful tools to study on complicated biological pathways. We had been proposed the new concept of "dendritic caged compounds" having a caged moiety as a prodrug and a dendrimer skeleton with peripheral sugar units as a drug carrier.

We are now studying to develop new chemical tools that can detect interaction of biomolecules or can analyze topology of peptides. We are also interested in finding new bioactive molecules. Our current research interests include,
  Synthesis of new chemical tools to detect DNA-protein interaction
  Synthesis of new chemical tools to detect protein-protein interaction
  Synthesis of new chemical tools to analyze topology of peptide helix
  Survey for bioactive organic molecules that can control bacterial function


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